Wednesday 12 September 2012

0049-3: Here's what's coming up on this week's blog post!

(I'm doing another quickie post so it looks as if I've got my finger out and written something when in fact all I have done is write an advert for my eventual blog post at the weekend I would post one tonight but I'm going to Hannover to visit my lovely girlfriend and there's very little internet ok stop asking me questions no don't really I'm actually quite an open person.)

Journeys are undertaken!

MORE journeys are undertaken!

A monastery is stormed by english speaking people of young age and ill repute!

Games are played on a phone!

Tears are shed!

Laughter is shed!

Sandwiches are licked!

All that and MUCH MORE in the next exciting (mediocre) episode (post) of (from) another englishman in Germany!

(me at the counter in Lidl last night)

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